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In a bid to get children off their devices and back to traditional play, Lego's latest innovation makes technology an ally.

Lego's PlayGo is a kid-friendly AI assistant that can be integrated into any home automation device and guides your child through creative play by giving them assistance, attention & inspiration. PlayGo also has a 'Parent Mode' which can be activated by an adult voice and gives instruction that facilitates collaborative playing with your children! During the M.AD Hackaton 2020 for the Lego brand, with my international team, we brainstormed all weekend and I created the concept presentation video and some mockups. 

Product Innovation/OOH/Immersive Experience

Yellow Background.png
Red Background.png
Billboard Outdoor Lego.png
Lego Poster Ad.png
OOH ads to promote Playgo with any kids situations at home.
Other OOH ads show that Playgo has also a "Parent Mode" to bring parents with their kids to have fun and expend creativity.
Red Background.png
Special Playgo speakers in public kids playground to make them play their creativity with the environment where they are.
Lego 1.png
Yellow Background.png
Special Playgo speakers are also positioned in public areas for adults like phone charging and wifi area with unique IA to interact with them and make them aware about Playgo potential.
Lego 2.png
Phone Lego Mockup_edited.jpg

Copywriter: Sanjeeta Saha

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