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A Smarter Small Talk

People can be bored at the beginning of a conversation when they're at a social gathering so I conceived a project on my side

an interaction to help for the brand identity to give the audience another reason to pick a Bud.

Product Innovation/Social Media/OOH Billboards & Design

We created ice-breakers in the beer caps with an ink to be able to see as well during the night.

Beer Caps Mock Up Day.jpg
Beer Caps Mock Up Night.jpg

Instagram stories will show how a good mood maker with an ice-breaker can be.

Tinder ads will give users creative ways to start conversations...
that’ll actually get a response.

Bars and restaurants will carry the new Ice-Breaker Bud
and owners can bring in new business via gamified events.

Twitter users will be asked how ice-breakers affected their life confidence.

Menu Mockup.png
Tinder Mock Up 2.png
Billboard in Central Park

OOH ads show the final results of using
an ice-breaker in different situations.

Billboard with Tram
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