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Legally eligible to work in the United States without visa sponsorship or transfer

(Green Card holder), I am Will from Paris. I lived in Manchester (UK)

for one year before I went to study at Miami Ad School in Miami.


If I have to choose a quote to represent me and express what I feel an art director

should be good at, it would be this one from one of the pioneers of advertising.

I am a cool french guy, trendy, who loves life deeply, trying new things

like the different cuisines of the world, and practicing many different sports such as tennis,

golf, and muay Thai. I try all the new activities that are available to me to enrich my experience and go outside of my comfort zone.

All of the above are examples of a deep-rooted curiosity that drives me to discover new trends and inspiration on the internet.

I am aware that anything you confront in your life is useful to enrich yourself.

That’s why it’s really challenging and that’s why it’s also exciting.

I am also passionate about photography, that’s why you can see different sections I explored in Photography in the ‘Extras’

section of my website. 

Optimist by nature, smile whenever I can, and try to make people around me laugh.

Professionally, I like to work hard without taking myself too seriously, with passion, sincerity, and humility. 

Please feel free to check my ‘About Me’ trailer to watch a sneak peek of slices of my life.

"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects,

I think, is still the secret of great creative people"  

Leo Burnett



New Blood x Editor X: The Portfolios 2023

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